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The dojo of Stéphane Goffin in Belgium, Mallonne.


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Stéphane Goffin

Born in 28th october 1968, Stéphane Goffin began to learn martial arts at the age of 6. He learned Judo first and at the age of 10 began to learn Aikido by Léon and Christiane Beguin in Belgium.

He recived his shodan (1. dan) in 1986 and he began to practice thai box for four years. Already this times he attended the seminars of Christian Tissier sensei.

In 1987, he met with Georges Stobbaerts sensei. Mainly because of him, Stéphane Goffin got a decent education on the tatami.

In 1994, Stéphane Goffin founded Tada Ima (continous presence) Dojo, one of the rare places dedicated only to practice Aikido. From that moment, he threw himself heart and soul into the teaching and spreading Adikido.

In 1996 Stéphane Goffin begann to practice Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling. He competed also in this martial arts.

Actualy, Stéphane Goffin teach continuously and gives aikido seminars in many countries. He is also a technical director of aikido groups in many different countries.

Stéphane Goffin recieved his 6th dan from the hands of Georges Stobbaerts Hanshi in july 2012 and the 6th dan aikikai in january 2013 to do proposition of Christian Tissier Shihan.

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